FE3 (free Estriol) 1200M 1800 POClia (CLIA)
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FE3 (free Estriol) 1200M 1800 POClia (CLIA)

The kit has been designed for the quantitative determination of Free Estriol (fE3) in human serum.
The method can be used for samples over the range of 0.04-9.00ng/mL.
The test has to be performed Taizhou ZECEN Biotech Co., Ltd. model CIA 600, CIA 600Plus, CIA 1200, CIA 1200M, CIA 1800, CIA 2800 and POClia 8, POClia minus, POClia plus, POClia auto
automatic chemiluminescence analyzer. Shenzhen IncreCare Biotech Co., Ltd model Shine i1900、Shine i2900 automatic chemiluminescence analyzer.
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Competing method: fE3 in samples, calibrators or positive control, competes with the  fE3 labeled by FITC to bind the fE3 monoclonal antibody labeled  by AP and form Ab-Ag complex. Then add the anti-FITC  magnetic beads. Through the specific binding of anti-FITC  antibody with FITC, the Ag-Ab complex will be occupied by the  magnetic particles. The entire complex will be captured by the  applied magnetic field and separate from the unbound substance.  After washing, add the substrate. The substrate will be  catalytically cracked under the action of the enzyme, and form an  unstable intermediate in excited state. When the intermediate in excited state returns to the ground state, it will issue photons and  make a light-emitting reaction. Then the CLIA analyzer will  measure the luminous intensity and count the results through  s1699408931533oftware by comparing the luminous intensity with the cutoff  value.

Storage and Stability

⚫ Sealed: Stored at 2-8℃ until the expiry date. 

⚫ Opened: Stable for 4 weeks. To ensure best kit’s performance, it  is recommended to place opened kits in the refrigerator if it’s not  going to be used on board during next 12 hours.

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