SAA Detection Kits (CLIA Method)
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SAA Detection Kits (CLIA Method)

Human serum amyloid A protein (SAA) is an acute time-response protein, belonging to the heterogeneous class of proteins in the apolipoprotein family, with a molecular weight of about 12,000.In the acute time-response, SAA is synthesized in the liver by activated macrophages and fibroblasts after stimulation with IL-1, IL-6, and TNF. It can be elevated to 100-1000 times the initial concentration, but has a short half-life of about 50 minutes.
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CRP and SAA are mainly used for differential diagnosis of infectious diseases in children. It is found that the change of serum SAA is more sensitive than the change of CRP in children with viral infections, which can be used as a sensitive and reliable indicator for determining viral infections in children.

In particular, the combined detection of serum SAA+CRP ratio is helpful in the differential diagnosis of bacterial and viral infections in children, guiding the rational use of antibiotics, and curbing and delaying the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria, all of which are of great significance.

SAA is also a protein synthesized by hepatocytes, but it begins to rise 4-6 hours after the occurrence of bacterial infection in the organism, reaches a peak in 6 hours, and begins to fall rapidly to normal levels 24 hours after the clearance of pathogens. In other words, SAA has a higher sensitivity than CRP in bacterial infections. Unlike CRP, SAA levels are significantly elevated in viral infections, with a magnitude of up to 1000-fold.

SAA clinical application:

1、Auxiliary diagnostic indicators for bacterial and viral infections, new indicators for efficacy monitoring;

2、SAA has higher sensitivity than CRP in viral and bacterial infections, rises earlier and falls faster in recovery;

3、Wider range of clinical application, SAA is increased in many diseases such as infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, tumors, transplantation rejection and amyloidosis;

4, SAA and CRP joint detection can quickly identify and diagnose the type of infection; a more comprehensive response to the severity of infectious diseases and inflammation and the efficacy of treatment; can guide the course of different patients for targeted treatment.

5, SAA and hsCRP can more effectively predict the likelihood of cardiovascular event risk;

6, SAA is more suitable for the diagnosis of pediatric infectious diseases, and is a sensitive indicator for the early detection of viral infections.

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