SHGB(sex Hormone-binding Globulin) Magnetic Solid Phase CLIA
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SHGB(sex Hormone-binding Globulin) Magnetic Solid Phase CLIA

SHBG binds to testosterone and estrogen; testosterone is 40% bound to SHBG and 58% to albumin, while estrogen is 75% bound to SHBG and 20% to albumin, forming a complex that is degraded primarily in the liver.
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Sex Hormone Binding Globulin is a complex protein (glycoprotein) that binds to testosterone, estradiol, insulin, thyroid hormones (T3, T4), and other sex hormones, thereby regulating their availability to the body's cells.

Its concentration depends greatly on the sex hormones in the female and male body. In women, globulin levels are almost twice as high as in men. Estrogen (ESTROGEN) is predominant in females, which helps to increase SHBG. at the same time, androgen hormones (testosterone) in the male body inhibit its production.

The test has to be performed Taizhou ZECEN Biotech Co., Ltd.  model CIA 600, CIA 600Plus, CIA 1200, CIA 1200M, CIA 1800,  CIA 2800 and POClia 8, POClia minus, POClia plus, POClia auto  automatic chemiluminescence analyzer. Shenzhen IncreCare Biotech Co., Ltd model Shine i1900、Shine  i2900 automatic chemiluminescence analyzer.

Storage and Stability 

⚫ Sealed: Stored at 2-8° C until the expiry date. 

⚫ Opened: Stable for 4 weeks. 

⚫ Open kits should be used within 12 hours or refrigerated at  2-8 °C.

⚫Keep upright.

⚫Keep away from sunlight.

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