Tumor Marker Carbohydrate Antigen 724(CA72-4 )detection kit based in the diagnosis
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Tumor Marker Carbohydrate Antigen 724(CA72-4 )detection kit based in the diagnosis

Cancer antigen 72-4 (CA 72-4), which is also known as carbohydrate antigen, is identified as a serum tumor biomarker (threshold of approximately 4.6 U/mL in serum), which allows the suspicion of cancer. CA 72-4 is an antigenic determinant of tumor-associated glycoprotein 72 (TAG-72) glycoprotein, which is a 48-kDa mucin-like glycoprotein complex. CA 72-4 is defined by two monoclonal antibodies (CC 49 and B72-3) and has been found in a wide range of human adenocarcinomas such as colorectal, gastric, lung, breast, and ovarian cancer, with reported sensitivities of up 50% and an overall specificity of over 95%. However, it is rarely expressed in benign and normal adult tissues. Measurement of CA 72-4 has also shown good correlation with disease burden and is predictive of disease recurrence.
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Cancer antigen 72-4 (CA72-4) is a tumor-associated-glycoprotein (TAG-72) used as a tumor marker for gastrointestinal and ovarian cancers. Elevated CA72-4 levels in serum and plasma are seen in the pancreas, gallbladder, colon, cervix, and endometrium carcinomas. There is a correlation between serum CA72-4 levels and tumor stage/size compared to other commonly used biomarkers. CA72-4 is also an independent marker for the therapeutic monitoring and care of ovarian cancer patients who are CA125 negative.


The kit has been designed for the quantitative determination of Carbohydrate antigen 72-4 (CA72-4) in human serum.

The method can be used for samples over the range of 0-200U/mL

The method can be used for samples over the range of 0-200U/mL.The test has to be performed on the CIA fully auto analyzer (Including CIA 600, CIA 1200, CIA 1800, CIA2800).



Material Supplies

Reagent Integral for 100 determinations
Magnetic beads: magnetic beads binding with streptavidin, buffer with BSA3.0ml
Calibrator Low: BSA Buffer0.6ml
Calibrator High: BSA Buffer0.6ml
CA72-4 Anti A+ Anti B: CA72-4 Antibody labeled by biotin,BSA Buffer;CA72-4 Antibody complex labeled by AP, containing buffer with BSA6.0ml
All reagents are provided ready-to-use.



Reagent Vials in kit box

Internal Quality Control: containing BSA buffer with different amount of CA72-4 Antigen

(target value refer to Quality Control sheet)



Accessories Required But Not Provided

CIA SubstrateREF: SR2001
CIA System cleaning solutionREF: WR2001
CIA Pileline cleaning solutionREF: WR2002



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