Assayed reagent kit Anti human insulin antibody(INS-Ab) for Automatic immunoassay analyzer in DIABETES
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Assayed reagent kit Anti human insulin antibody(INS-Ab) for Automatic immunoassay analyzer in DIABETES

  • INS-Ab


  • DR1099

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[Project Introduction]


Insulin antibody (INS-Ab): Insulin antibodies appear in two cases: one is the drug antibody (IA) produced by insulin therapy in patients receiving exogenous insulin treatment, which is mainly related to the purity of insulin preparations; one These are called insulin autoantibodies (IAAs) in patients who have never been treated with insulin. The two antibodies are currently methodologically indistinguishable, but are usually IA, almost all of the IgG type. It is mainly used for the evaluation of high affinity and low reactivity of preparations used in insulin therapy, and is also used to sign allergic reactions to insulin; IAA is used for the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes and one of the methods for distinguishing between type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes; occult type The discovery of type 1 diabetes, the evaluation of autoimmune syndrome of autoimmune hypoglycemia and insulin, and the examination of autoantibodies as an autoimmune disease.


[Clinical Significance]


Abnormal result: serum anti-insulin antibody is positive


(1) To guide the treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes patients: high titer of insulin antibodies in the circulation is the main cause of severe insulin resistance. Detection of A-IAb can guide the dosage of insulin and provide a basis for the treatment of drug-resistant diabetes when the antibody titer is high. -acting insulin can be increased moderately. When antibody titers are low, use long-acting insulin.


(2) Judging the prognosis of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: a low insulin release curve and a high titer of insulin antibodies indicate that the patient is not pancreatic islet failure, indicating a stable condition. On the contrary, it indicates that the prognosis of insulin failure is poor.


(3) Anti-insulin antibodies can also be detected in individual patients with hyperthyroidism. People who need to be checked: dependent diabetes patients, patients with hyperthyroidism


Test itemINS-Ab
Specification100 Test/Box for CIA series
24 Test/Box for POCT
  • Competition method

ComponentMagnetic Beads
Calibrator Low
Calibrator High
INS-Ab Anti
Control 1
Control 2
Accessories Required But Not ProvidedSubstrate
Washing solution
Sample materialserum
Sample volumeMore than 200μL




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