Semi Automatic biochemistry analyzer NEO-S1
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Semi Automatic biochemistry analyzer NEO-S1

The semi-automatic biochemical analyzer(NEO-S1) is a commonly used clinical testing instrument, used to measure biochemical indicators in biological samples such as human blood and urine. The semi-automatic biochemical analyzer is an accurate, sensitive and fast clinical testing instrument that can help doctors accurately assess the patient's health status and provide an important reference for clinical diagnosis and treatment.
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NEO-S1 Semi-auto Chemistry AnalyzerFeature7inch Color LCDTouch screen                                       

10 incubators 3timers Flow cell and Cuvette test mode compatible Real time curve showing 7 wavelength,80testitems pre-programmed Memoryfor 10,000 sample results Light source hibernate function making lamplifelonger RS232 interface PC connectingSpecificationTest mode: Kinetic.End pointTwopointAbsorbance Wavelength:7 standard filters34040549251054657630nm1free pos Wavelengthprecision:+2nmwidth<10nm Absorbance range0~4.500Abs Absorbanceprecisionoutside0.0001Absinside0.00001Abs10lncubators37+0.3℃;3timersprecision:+0.1S Carry over:<1% Repeatability CV:<1% Flowcellincubator:37℃ 30℃ 25℃ andothersPrecision:+0.1℃ Samplevolume:0~3000uL(500uLrecomend) DataStorage:10000 Quality control curve: X SD CV% L-Jquality control curve for every test item Flowcell:32uLquartz glass10mm Lamp:Philips6V10W Halogen Lamp with long life Screen:7inch color LCD CPU:ARM series high speed micro CPU Printer:Internal thermal sensitive printer InterfaceRS-232 Work Environment:Temperature0℃~40℃,Humidity: 80% Powersupply:100~240VAC,50-60Hz,100VA Dimension:340(L)*270(W)*160(H) Weight: 5 kgCommon test menuLiver function: ALT AST ALP T-BIL D-BIL TP ALB TTT CHE Nh Renal function: BUN CRE UA URE CO2-CP -GT Lipids: T-CHO TGHDL-C LDL-C Cardiacfunction: CK CK-MB LDH Immune proteins: IGA IGGIGM C3 Others: GLU HGB AMS

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