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Product Introduction
Automatic disinfection vertical plate washer D-washer
The washer subverts the traditional washing technology, and obtained the latest national patents.
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Product Advantage

1. Automatic disinfection: Disinfectant is automatically sprayed and disinfected to prevent infectious aerosol hazards and ensure laboratory biosafety

2. Fast and efficient: The ELISA plate is placed vertical in the plate washer, and backwashed with a single needle without soaking. The whole process of washing and dehydrating is completed in 20 seconds

3. Touch screen operation: The control panel is designed for touch screen, the operation interface is more friendly, and the human-computer interaction is more convenient

4. No needle clog failure: single needle backwashing, centrifugal drying, no need to absorb residual liquid, cleaning needle does not clog holes

5. No need for clapping: centrifugal drying design, no manual plates-clapping, convenient and safe

6. No liquid residue: the centrifugal dehydration speed is up to 2500rpm to ensure that there is no liquid residue in the micropores

7. No cross infection: single needle backwash technology to prevent cross infection

Technical Parameters

Product Uses

1. Medical institutions: laboratory departments, physical examination departments, and centers of hospitals above the second level 2. Laboratories, blood transfusion departments, STD laboratories, and newborn screening rooms

3. CDC: provincial, municipal and district CDCs

4. Blood center, blood bank, blood bank laboratory, plasma station

5. Biological product research institute, biological product enterprise

6. Physical examination center

7. Animal husbandry system, food safety system

8. Universities and scientific research institutions

9. Washing work of enzyme immunoassay (ELISA) systems in various biological laboratories

Product Operate Guide

The plate washer is generally used in conjunction with the microplate reader, which is a special instrument to assist in cleaning the microplate of ELISA. It is widely used in the cleaning of ELISA plates in hospitals, blood stations, health and epidemic prevention stations, and research laboratories.


1:Is it a vertical washing machine?  Yes. 

2:Can 96 holes be selected? Available for 12.24.48 and 96-well cleaning

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