floor-standing open system Automatic biochemistry analyzer 400 test per hour
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floor-standing open system Automatic biochemistry analyzer 400 test per hour

NEO-480 is a modern medical laboratory equipment that can automate the detection of biochemical indicators, with characteristics such as efficiency, accuracy, reliability, and convenience. It is widely used in medical, scientific research, disease prevention and control and other fields, playing an important role in improving medical quality, shortening testing time, improving diagnostic efficiency, and reducing medical costs.
  • NEO 480


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Multifunctional precision sample needle 1.The inner and outer walls are mirror polished, and the inner and outer walls are automatically washed (reduce cross-contamination) 2.Special injection needle, integrated high-sensitivity liquid level detection sensor, timely feedback of the remaining amount of reagent samples 3.striker protection 4.Automatic needle depth adjustment Superior pin design 1.Stirring needle is coated with Teflon, no hanging liquid (reduce cross-contamination) 2.Standard mixing program, excellent mixing effect Reagent tray 1.90 reagent positions 2.Reagent tray with built-in Peltier cooling system 3.Reagent barcode scanning (optional) sample plate 1.120 sample positions, microcups and original tubes can be used 2.Reagent tray with built-in Peltier cooling system 3.Sample barcode scanning (optional) reaction plate 1.90 cuvettes 2.Minimum reaction volume 150μl 3.Stable and accurate reaction temperature (37±0.1℃) cleaning agency 1.6-stage needle cleaning 2. 2 repeated washes 3.Efficient cleaning for accurate results and reliable diagnosis NEO-480 is a floorstanding, discrete and random access clinical chemistry analyzer with constant 400 tests per hour. Discrete,Random Access, Fully Automatic · Monoor double reagent, Constant 400 tests/hour ·RepeatTest Stability:End Point Method: CV≤1.0%; Kinetic Method: CV≤1.5% MinTest Volume: 150ul ·in Sample Volume: 2ul ·ConstantTemperature System, dry bath, 37±0.1℃ ·Up to 400 Tests/Hour

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