Sysmex and ZECEN Together for a Shared Future
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Sysmex and ZECEN Together for a Shared Future

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On 9 March 2023, sysmex Medical Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Zecen Biotech Co., Ltd. held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Jiangsu Taizhou Pharmaceutical High-tech District.

Based on this strategic cooperation,sysmex will combine its own chemiluminescence reagents (including those produced by its branch Wuxi factory) with zecen biotech chemiluminescence reagents, and sysmex's high-sensitivity immunochemiluminescence detection system to further improve the chemiluminescence routine items and special items menu, as well as the newly introduced high-speed biochemical analysis system and intelligent assembly line, to meet the strong clinical demand for biochemical immunity assembly line.

Sysmex's global executive director and China regional CEO, Peng Zuohui,、Jiangsu Zecen Biotech CEO, Liu Zhenshi signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parties.

Peng Zuohui, global executive director of sysmex Group and CEO of sysmex Medical Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said: "The market philosophy of sysmex Immunology is: "If you want to reduce costs without reducing quality, please find sysmex. Sysmex has been unswervingly promoting this market concept, and this cooperation with ZECEN Biotech is another practice of this concept.


Secondly, the reagent quality management system of sysmex is integrated into the production system of ZECEN to ensure the quality of reagents. ZECEN luminescent reagents and sysmex high-sensitivity immunochemiluminescent detection system have achieved good compatibility and have been recognized in the market;

At the same time, the ZECEN biotech team has many years of rapid development capabilities and industrialization experience in chemiluminescent reagents. In addition to routine project reagents, ZECEN biotech is also actively promoting the development of new special project reagents to provide differentiated detection solutions for clinical customers.

The cooperation with ZECEN biotech will greatly enhance the perfection of the sysmex high-sensitivity immunochemiluminescent detection system project menu, help create a more attractive detection menu, and thus support our growth strategy in China. "

Liu Zhenshi, chairman of ZECEN biotech, said:

"ZECEN biotech has been focusing on the field of chemiluminescent reagents for 12 years, and has been widely recognized in the industry in the development and industrialization of chemiluminescent reagents. In recent years, based on the core technology of chemiluminescent reagents, ZECEN biotech adheres to the principle of "Sharing Luminescence and Winning the Future Together" The idea is to actively carry out the exploration of the CDMO model, save valuable time and R&D costs for cooperative enterprises, and help cooperative enterprises to advance their overall strategy in the field of immunodiagnosis.

sysmex has become the industry benchmark with leading technology, creative design and excellent quality. ZECEN biotech is honored to cooperate with sysmex. In addition to routine project reagents, ZECEN biotech has also developed a number of new and special project reagents for early tumor screening, geriatric diseases, and mental system diseases through independent research and development or international cooperation. In the future, it is hoped that the cooperation between the two parties can be further deepened to help sysmex Create a more attractive detection menu, and work with sysmex to promote the localization of high-sensitivity immunochemiluminescent detection reagents to better serve Chinese users.

Yang Yu, chairman of sysmex Medical Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said: "sysmex, as the first batch of IVD foreign-funded enterprises to set up factories in China, is currently making every effort to promote the clinical testing and analysis instruments and in vitro diagnostics of various product lines. Localization of reagents. sysmex has always adhered to the belief and ingenuity of not forgetting the original intention, and with meticulous production specifications and strict quality inspection standards, it has worked together with ZECEN Biotech to ensure the quality and cost of products. The long-term strategic cooperative relationship means that sysmex has perfected the domestic chemiluminescence detection menu, and the cooperation between the two parties can provide advanced products and high-quality services to domestic patients and medical institutions more quickly.

Mr. Wang Ke, executive deputy general manager of sysmex Medical Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. said: "The cooperation between sysmex and ZECEN Biotech can not only increase the competitiveness of the other party, but also form a virtuous circle. Through the cooperation of ZECEN Biotech Localized chemiluminescent reagents can increase the testing items of sysmex’s existing customers, and at the same time increase the coverage of wider customers. The research and development project was added to the product system of sysmex to further expand the advantages of cooperation.

Zecen Biotech CO., LTD. founded in 2011, is a leading Chinese diagnostics manufacturer specializing in in-vitro diagnostics devices and reagents.
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