Sysmex and Zecen promote comprehensive and in-depth cooperation and explore diversified cooperation modes
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Sysmex and Zecen promote comprehensive and in-depth cooperation and explore diversified cooperation modes

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In March 2023, Sysmex Medical Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Zecen Biotech Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote the localization of high-sensitivity immunochemiluminescence detection reagents. Based on this strategic cooperation, Sysmex will combine self-produced chemiluminescence reagents with Zecheng biochemiluminescence reagents, and combine with Sysmex's high-sensitivity immunochemiluminescence detection system, supporting the newly introduced high-speed biochemical analysis system and intelligent assembly line , to meet the strong clinical demand for biochemical immune pipelines.

On June 26, just over three months since the last cooperation signing ceremony, based on the current smooth cooperation, Mr. 小野隆, Executive Director of Sysmex Corporation Group, Mr. 松尾直彦, Executive Director of the Group, and Mr. 木口彰 Director of the Business Planning Office in China, visited the production base of Zecen Biotech China Pharmaceutical City (Taizhou, Jiangsu), reached a consensus on the comprehensive and in-depth cooperation between Sysmex Corporation and Zecheng Biological, and held a signing ceremony, Both sides will further expand technical and business cooperation, explore diversified cooperation models, and work together to achieve win-win development in multiple regions.

Mr. 小野隆, Executive Executive Director of Sysmex Group, and Mr. Liu Zhenshi, Chairman of Zecen Biotech, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties

Sysmex  is a multinational enterprise and a world-renowned provider of comprehensive clinical test solutions. Founded in 1968, the company is headquartered in Kobe, Japan. It has more than 70 branches in China, Europe, America, Asia Pacific and other countries, and its products are distributed in more than 190 countries around the world. With "leading technology, creative design and excellent quality", Sysmex Corporation has become one of the leaders in the global IVD industry, especially in the fields of blood analysis, coagulation analysis and urinary sediment analysis, and has become a world-famous manufacturer of IVD products.

Established in 2011, Jiangsu Zecen Biotech Co., Ltd. is an in vitro diagnostic company mainly engaged in fully automatic chemiluminescent products. Zecen Biotech insists on continuous innovation and focuses on chemiluminescent reagents. It owns the intellectual property rights related to the tubular magnetic particle chemiluminescent immunoassay intelligent diagnostic system and has obtained a number of invention patents. It currently has more than 180 chemiluminescent product registration certificates, and its products are well recognized by the industry. . In addition to self-operated business, Zecen Biotech actively explores the CDMO model, and has reached cooperation with many well-known domestic and foreign in vitro diagnostic companies to provide chemiluminescence raw materials, kits and detection system solutions.

The cooperation between Sysmex and Zecen Biotech has achieved complementary advantages, which can not only increase the competitiveness of both parties, but also form a virtuous circle. Sysmex has imported its strict quality management system into Zecen Biotech and provided quality management personnel training for Zecen Biotech. Under the premise of quality, Sysmex can improve the perfection of the immune product line and realize the advancement of the global growth strategy. After the smooth progress of the cooperation, Sysmex will continue to increase investment in R&D and continue to develop new and special projects to further expand the advantages of cooperation.

Zecen Biotech CO., LTD. founded in 2011, is a leading Chinese diagnostics manufacturer specializing in in-vitro diagnostics devices and reagents.
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