The 2024 ZECEN Biotech Product Promotion Conference Was Successfully Held at CACLP
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The 2024 ZECEN Biotech Product Promotion Conference Was Successfully Held at CACLP

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The 21st China International Laboratory Medicine Expo( CACLP )was be held in Chongqing in 2024.3.16, with the theme of "Cooperation and Sharing, Intelligent Leading the Future" bringing together many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, showcasing the latest laboratory medicine technology and products.

The latest analyzer poclia minus\poclia plus and the new special projects TPS and calprotectin were presented at the exhibition. Attracting the attention of numerous domestic and international peers and agents in the same industry.


The POCT second-generation machine is based on the upgraded version of poclia 8. The exclusive distributor of poclia 8 in China is sysmex. ZECEN Biotech has made significant changes to the appearance of the analyzer and the design of the reagent strips, The analyzer are smaller and more precise. The reagent strips have also been reduced in volume by half on the original basis to save shipping costs for international customers.

Poclia Minus with single chamber has 8 channels, while Poclia Plus dual chamber has 16 channels. Reagents with different reaction processes can operate independently in different chamber, or one of the chambers can be used as an emergency. At present, the three-chamber 24 channel is also under development, which can realize automatic add whole blood sample, please look forward to it.

TPS and Calprotectin are innovative projects of ZECEN Biotech in the CLIA series.

TPS is exclusively authorized by Swedish company IDL and is also the only chemiluminescence certification company in China.

Calprotectin is a popular international project that tests feces to detect intestinal inflammation.

The new product has been widely recognized by agents, and currently POCT second-generation machines have numerous agents in Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions. Believing that ZECEN Biotech will shine brightly in the international IVD industry.

Zecen Biotech CO., LTD. founded in 2011, is a leading Chinese diagnostics manufacturer specializing in in-vitro diagnostics devices and reagents.
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