Bone Metabolism
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Bone Metabolism

Product Introduction
Bone Metabolism Index Chemiluminescence Calibrator Kit For IVD CLIA Analyzer include 25-OH-Vit-D,BGP,iPTH,CT,CTX,PⅠNP.
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Product Advantage

1. Small molecules: coupling technology of derivatives and ALP/FITC, with strong stability and high sensitivity.

2. The stable enzyme label: antibody-ALP complex was further purified.

3. Patented technology with core raw materials: magnetic beads and substrate solution

4.Using unique magnetic separation technology (FITC-goat anti-FITC system)/single substrate component.

5.Simple operation, fast response speed, easy to realize automation.

6. Kidney Function kits include 25-OH-Vit-D,BGP,iPTH,CT,CTX,PⅠNP.

Product Uses

1. 25-OH-Vit-D: It is a specific indicator of vitamin D. Bone metabolism disorders such as osteomalacia, vitamin D excess and deficiency can be detected. Calcium absorption can be assessed.

2.BGP: It provides a specific indicator that can detect instantaneous changes in bone metabolism.

3.iPTH: It can help determine parathyroid function.

4.CT: It is a specific and sensitive tumor marker for diagnosis and monitoring of medullary thyroid cancer.

5.CTX: It is an auxiliary indicator for the differential diagnosis of MMBD.

6.PⅠNP: It is a marker that reflects higher sensitivity of bone formation.

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