Hepatic Fibrosis
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Hepatic Fibrosis

Product Introduction
Early liver fibrosis can be fully recovered, while the development of cirrhosis is not easy to recover. Therefore, early detection and active treatment of liver fibrosis to reverse or delay its development is very important to improve patients' quality of life and improve their prognosis.This test requires the use of CIA 600, CIA 600Plus, CIA 1200, CIA 1200M, CIA 1800, CIA 2800 and POClia 8, POClia minus, POClia plus, POClia automatic automatic chemiluminescence analyzer produced by Taizhou Zecen Biotech Co.
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Product Advantage

The Liver Fibrosis 4 test is non-hazardous, easy to obtain and easy to review. It can be used to assess different stages of liver tissue fibrosis, to understand the development and changes of liver fibrosis, and to monitor the clinical effects of anti-fibrotic treatment.                                                                                   The main clinical significance of each of the four liver fibrosis items

- HA reflects the degree of liver damage, and can clearly distinguish between early and late fibrosis;

- PC III reflects the activity of chronic liver fibrosis and is significantly elevated in early stage;

- Type IV collagen is mainly used to observe cirrhosis, and its concentration correlates with the degree of liver fibrosis.

- LN is positively correlated with the degree of fibrosis and portal hypertension, and is particularly elevated in the late stage of fibrosis;

Technical Parameters

Product Uses

Dynamic monitoring: Liver fibrosis index is a dynamic and regression indicator in the process of liver disease development, and its clinical significance of dynamic observation is much greater than the results of a single test, and the program is also an important marker for evaluating the degree of damage to the liver function, and can be evaluated together with the other indicators of liver function to assess its clinical significance. People at high risk of fibrosis should be tested every 3-6 months.

People at high risk of liver fibrosis include patients with chronic hepatitis B, hepatitis C and other chronic hepatitis, patients with metabolic genetic diseases, patients with alcoholic liver disease, and patients with drug-induced liver injury, etc. In particular, drug-induced liver injury often occurs. Especially drug-induced liver injury is often easy to be ignored, often take Chinese medicine and anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs, chemotherapy drugs and antibiotics, especially the crowd should pay attention to liver injury. In addition, people with a family history of liver disease should pay special attention to cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Product Operate GuideProduct Operate Guide

Hepatic Fibre IV HA: Reflects the degree of liver damage, and can clearly distinguish between early and late fibrosis.

Hepatic Fiber IV PC III: reflects the activity of chronic liver fibrosis, which is significantly elevated in early stage.

Hepatofibril IV IV collagen: an indicator of cirrhosis, and its concentration is related to the degree of liver fibrosis.

Liver Fibre IV LN: particularly elevated in the late stage of fibrosis.

Glycyrrhetinic acid: serological marker for liver cancer; sensitive indicator for determining the degree of cirrhosis and prognosis; important indicator for clinical treatment and prognosis of hepatitis patients; sensitive indicator for intrahepatic cholestasis in pregnancy; early predictor of alcoholic liver damage.

Chitin: accurately determine and dynamically monitor the progress of liver fibrosis, and guide individualized antiviral and antifibrotic treatment


Q How can I pay my order? 

A We accept L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram  (T/T:pay 30% firstly, then pay the rest 70% before transportation) 

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A 20 week days 

Q What is the validity period? 

A 12~18 months

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